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How to correctly create dynamic HTML table/columns/rows using cfloop

Hello Experts,

I have used CFLOOP code for several dynamically created HTML tables. I query a database table, I do a recordcount, and based on the recordcount I loop the tr and td tags to create the table. Looking at the result on a browser seems fine, but I know the code has some errors in it. I'm positive that the tr and td tags are not being closed properly, but I need to know hte correct way to do this, and an explanation of what is really transpiring. If you can post a simple example I should be able to follow your directions.

Like I said earlier, I know this code has problems, yet renders fine. I can tweak the NumofColumns, and it seems to respect the change. I don't understand MOD and what it does, and how it works in relation to the recordcount.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
<cfif UserIDCount LT 30>
   <CFSET NumOfColumns = 3>
   <CFSET NumOfColumns = 6>
     <tr >	
(the rest of the table information here it is basically a loop of one row with two columns)
Image1 here :Text1 here  :  Image 2 here :Text 2 Here  ......etc.
       <CFIF myUsers.CurrentRow MOD NumOfColumns EQ 0>

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Your stuff works great, as usual! ;)

One more "little" thing; My opening loop is actually looping a query for UserIDs, and I am getting errors saying that "FROM" and "TO" attributes are not allowed when looping a query. How can I get this to work in a query situation? I'm sure it's just some little thing I'm overlooking.
<cfloop query="nameOfQuery">
thats it, the clfloop tag understnads the start and end of a query so you just give it the query name, you can give it a start row and end row, optional, can be used for paging output, but if not specified start is 1 and end is query.recordCount
in this line
<CFIF idx MOD NumOfColumns EQ 0 and idx NEQ UserIDCount>
if you are using a query switch out idx with query.currentRow, where query is the name of the query in your loop, if that doesn't work, not sure if its avaible in a looped query output, you will need to include a counter to substitute for the loop index
Ha! I guess I knew more about this subject than I thought. I had already put that code in before I got your response, and came up with another error (of sorts). The  <td>spacefiller</td> was not completing to the end of the table row. and I finally figured that out too. I was missing the <cfset iCount=0> in this bit of code :

<CFIF idx MOD NumOfColumns EQ 0 and idx NEQ UserIDCount>
            <cfset iCount=0>

I appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this.
Jester_48 Rocks!
glad i could help

thanks for teh points and the good word ;)