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Can not associate .pdf with Adobe 8.1

I am unable to associate .pdf with Adobe 8.1.  My first thought was that the user had both Adobe Professional 8.1.2 and Adobe Reader 6.0.2 installed and these programs were conflicting.  I unstalled both Adobe professional and the reader.  Restarted.  Then I re-installed Adobe 8.0; same issue.  Next I fully updated Adobe 8.0 bringing it up to 8.1.2; same issue.  I've also tried to change the file type association in Default Programs>Set Associations>Change Program....  (See Capture2.jpg)  Adobe 8.1 does not appear under other programs either.  I can associate .pdf with Adobe 8.0, Word, etc. but when I browse to the Adobe 8.1 location, click on the icon for Adobe 8.1, and select Open; the browse window closes but nothing happens.  Alternatively, I've tried to manipulate the registry by deleting the OpenWith key located at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>.pdf
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I think you have to dive deeper to remove both 6 & 8 manually and then reinstall 8

Have a look at these two kbs for removal instructions.

for Reader 6:

for 8.x

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Followed both KB articles to manually uninstall 6 & 8 (though the directions were written for XP and 2000 and some of the paths referenced did not exist in Vista).  After following the directions, I also searched the C drive for the folders and files referenced in the articles and removed any additional files found.  Restarted, re-installed 8, same issue as described above.

shame, I was hopeful it would work due to 2 versions on your system, it seems to be reported as an issue with 8.1.2.:

Uncertain what to suggest, other than a roll back to 8.1.1...

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YOU ROCK!  Worked like a charm.  Thanks!
Excellent! Thanks for the feedback, guruerror.
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I had similar problem. Re-installation is best way to resolve.

I highly recommend using the Adobe Reader 8.1.3 and then once that is installed run the Adobe Reader 8.1.4 update.

Thanks as always EE!