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Is there a camera smaller, more durable, and faster and turning on and taking pictures than the Canon Powershot SD1000?

I'm looking at purchasing Canon Powershot SD1000.

But if there is a better camera for me, I want to purchase it instead.  My requirements are 3:

durable - I'm going to carry it around in my pocket or shirt pocket or jacket pocket everywhere I go, so it needs to be able to withstand an occasional drop on the ground (hopefully)

small - since I want to carry it everywhere

fast at turning on and taking pictures - I want to be able to turn it on and take my first picture in 1 second or less if possible.  I don't want to wait 5 seconds for a camera to turn on and then have 2 second intervals.  I would prefer at least 2 pictures per second or more once turned on.  The faster it turns on the better.

Thank you for any suggestions you have!
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How about in terms of speed?  That is most important to me, as the current camera I have is too slow for me to make regular use of it without being annoyed.
I can't say for sure, as i have not personally used the 1000, but the elphs are known for there speed too, i have a downgraded model, and its up in i think a half a second, to 2 max, and on the correct mode can snap pictures as fast as it is possible to write to the flash card (plus some internal memory to get a bunch in a quick burst.
Okay thanks!
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The reviews at usually cover time to ready for first shot, shutter lag, and time between shots, you might check there as well.