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Adding second CPU to server

Server uses Tyan S2282 mainboard with Opteron 254 in CPU socket 1 and empty second socket.  I found artice on ee pointing to windows 2000 and adding second CPU but nothing for 2003.  I would like to add second 254 to this and not break the server.  can this be done just by changing the HAL to ACPI MultiProc?

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So you just change the driver with both CPU's installed and all should be well correct?
It is supposed to work.  I would have a backup JUST in case.

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It should work just fine... but as noted, you should always make backups prior to major system changes (and even minor ones).

However, I'm not familiar with the Opteron chip you have... is it a multi-core (dual core) CPU?  If so, you don't need to do anything to windows - you already have the multiprocessor HAL installed.  Just add the chip, reboot, and confirm in task manager how many CPUs Windows sees.
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