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Consolidate and/or backup emails from Outlook Express

I have a client who has been using Outlook Express in 2 different locations, with 2 different computers, and 2 different email addresses for several years now!  Apparently working in the insurance industry emails can be important for legal reasons making them priceless and necessary.  

An additional problem is he has over 4000 emails in one location, which Outlook Express is having difficulties managing. (It keeps locking up and moves really slow)

So at this point what I am hoping to do is consolidate these emails into one searchable location.  I am suspecting Outlook Express will continue to have issues handling emails in this quantity.  

In addition this client travels a lot and doesnt always have internet access.  So I was hoping for something that can be done on his laptop, if possible.

I am really at a loss here!  I am open to just about anything! Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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toomuchcode--Just to be sure it is clear, to transfer messages from one PC to the other, you will need to transfer the messages first to an external medium (flash drive, CD, etc.) and then transfer from the external medium to the second PC as indicated in the above links.
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Thanks for your help!