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How can I recover MSN Messenger Emoticons

This is one of those issues that don't seem to be important but is a real issue for the client.
I renamed a PC on a small business network. This is XP Pro. I did this as follows.
First I created a new local user. I logged on to the local user to create the local profile.
I then logged in as the local Administrator.
I copied the domain profile to the temporary local profile.
As a precaution I also used the Files and Settings transfer wizard.
I then added the new computer name to the network using the add computer wizard in the SBS console.
I then used the connectcomputer to join the PC to the Small Business Network and selected the temporary local profile to add the user back to the domain.
This all worked fine restoring the user profile nicely to the small business network with the PC renamed on the domain.
The desktop layout and everthing as it should be.
What I didn't account for was the Emoticons in MSN Messenger which have now vanished and I cannot see how to recover them.
In the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\<liveid>\ObjectStore\CustomEmoticons
There are several files of the format

2F8w5jDwkQxAm7VawsnCugm1eM8=.id2 and some ending .dt2

As a precaution I also used the files and settings transfer wizard but they don't seem to be retrievable from that either.

Does anyone know if the Emoticons are retrievable and how I could have prevented this?
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Those programs don't seem to allow me to recover anything - just to install a set of pre-defined emoticons.
Am I missing something?
OK - I see it's in an eval mode ?