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Adding more rules to outlook - third part or outlook options

Our users need to be able to create more rules for outlook 2003. We are also using an exchange server 2003 also. I know there is the dedicated 32kb for each mailbox, which i think capped out a user at about 40 rules. The rules are simple and can not be broken down more as we deal with many different retialers and manufacturing facilities.
Is there a third party software or way to add more rules to a users inbox?
any suggestions?
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Perfect. Auto-Mate is exactly what im looking for.
Is there any free programs that will allow you to create rules?
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Thanks, the auto-mate program is exactly what we were looking for. Do you by chance know of any free ones?
Unfortunately - I do not know of any.
Most of these kinds of apps are never going to be "free" - as the publishers would never make any money - especially with the rules functionality built into Outlook...
Thanks, btw.