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how to manage email accounts

I am the IT manager and IT to check a staff emails without letting the user know, so How do I do that?
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Give yourself permissions to the mailbox and open it in Outlook.
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there is no way to do it via Outlook web Access?
I'm not sure about that. It's pretty easy with Outlook. Just add that box to your profile after you have added the permissions.
through outlook webaccess it is possible. By default installed and enabled. Type in your browser from the local domain where Exchange is installed also:




Then type username and password of the users' mailbox you want to see.

This above will not work if in AD OWA is disabled by the Administrator for some reason.
How do you know the password of the user without them knowing? I guess you could reset the user's password and log in as them but then they know their password has been reset. And if you are logging in as users to do things, you have just lost any accountability you can hold to them if you do find something questionable. If you don't have the user's password, you will need to give yourself rights or be a member of an Exchange admin group that has the rights to view the box. It will then need to be added to your profile. I'm not sure what your company's security policies say but I would think if you have one at all it frowns upon logging in as another user to monitor email. If you don't have one, you could be setting yourself up here just by looking at it regardless of how you do so.
I got the one from outlook working.  But can I check the user's email via Outlook Web Access without changing his password?  I already gave me full persmission to his account.
I think the right way to approach this is to send out a management memo that email will be checked randomly. This will scare off people doing unlawfull things. You must give people the opportunity to complain up front before email is checked by the management.

After a period, after sending the memo, users have not complained (let this be checked by a lawyer or something). You can make an inventory of all the passwords and use them to check the things you put in the memo.

This is the way it is done in Holland but somewhere else law maybe different. Sorry but I'm just a humble systemadministrator not a lawyer ;-)
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As the IT manager I do not think you need to have access to all user accounts. It is not something that I need or desire.

If you have a specific concern over email abuse then access should be authorised by someone in HR.

Either way, do ensure that what you are doing has been authorised by HR as depending on your location and business type what you want to do could be illegal.

With my Zone Advisor hat on, you might want to consider increasing the number of points.

I think configuring Outlook should be sufficient for now.

Thank you.
I appriciate your concern, but that did not help me to resolve the problem that the President of the company asked me with HR.
Here are step by step instructions for viewing multiple mailboxes in OWA.