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Setup large network

I am new to networking and need to setup a large network. Here is my layout and I would like to know the best way to set it up.

I have a Netgear FVS336G firewall with a Time Warner 10mb fiber internet connection
It then connects to a Netgear GS748ts 48 port Gigabit switch that is connected to a Netgear GS724TS switch in another part of the building by fiber
I have a Domain Server running MS Server 2003

Remote office

I have a Netgear FVS338 firewall with a DSL connection that is 5mb down and 1.5mb up

Connected to a Netgear GS724tp 24 port gigbait POE switch.

I have a VOIP phone system in this office and will be using VOIP trunks back to the main office 2 ports that would consume 100kb of bandwidth each.

I don;t know if this is a good way to do this or nit

I was going to establish a VPN connection between the offices

I woudl like to know the best way to do the ip adressing fo this and if I need static routes

Any assistance woudl be greatly appreciated

the remote office will have 6 network computers and 6 VOIP phones to start with.

Will I need different subnet gorunps for the different offices and if so will that require static routes int he switches to allow certain connections like to the server ?



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it is really about your design.

i would go for different subset for different location (geographically) just to make management easier. taking in mind subnets is wide enough for further expanding.

i would go for vpn .

static routes if you are having more than a router at the same place. or if you are given real ips in different locations.

looks like you have 2 places with internet connection each. i would go for a vpn. with local subnets in each (place).

please send more details about the functionality you are expecting at each site.

waiting for your reply
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Yes I do ahve 2 locations and I do want to use a VPN and different subnets.

I do not know how to do staic routes

If I want to use say

!  for ip;s at the main location with the server for all locations being on

! for Ip;s at the remote location

All net work wprinters will be assigned in 10.1.x.210 range and
the managed switches will ips in the 10.1.x.200 thru 210 at each location
Voip ip phone system at remote location will be on

I do not know how static routes work .

how do I get the workstations at the remote location using the 101.2.x subnet to be able to communicate with the
server which is

What do I have to do for them to communicate?

I am looking to structure this network now before it gets really large

Plans are for them to be opening more remote offices this year


i see you have subnets for devices as they have functional groups and that is great.

now are you going to connect the 2 sites using vpn ( internet) or using a LAN/WAN connection. like fiber or gigabit ...

waiting for your reply
I will be using a VPN the locations are about 200 miles apart.
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We are using our isp for DNS.

Do we need to have the dns in our server ?

No I do not know how to have thenm running with the suitable configuration

are you planning to have computers running windows with user accounts ?

i believe you will need to setup your own DNS server among other servers to get your network running.

how many PCs you are expecting in that network?

how many networked machines (including printers, VOIP phones , any device that functions and connected to the network , ...) you are expecting in that network ?

if you got more than 30 network machine and need user accounts administration i believe you will need servers to be setuped for you.

and i think you need serious knowledge on the know-how to do those tasks.

either look for professional help - a contract - or for outsourcing (someone do it remotely under your supervision)

i will be glad to have the outsourcing with you for the suitable arrangement.

please post your answers

waiting for your reply
It looks like you have answered my network questions.

sounds great. my e-mail is



you may contact me at  about an outside expert