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javascript and gridview and divs and Id's. How do I find the id's????


This should be fairly easy for somebody but its driving me crazy. I have a gridview with a number of rows. Each row has a simple hyperlink/javascript that turns on/off  a div in the same row. Something like this:

<a href="#" onclick="switchMenu('divName');">and some text</a>
<div id="divName">

All I wish to do is be able to identify the div id so that I can reset its style properties. Everything I try fails because of the way .net renames everything to insure uniqueness. I did manage to get divName.ClientID.ToString() via the ItemBound event for the gridview. But this fails as well when trying to execute the javascript??

Any help out there????
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How are you creating the div in the first place? via a templatecolumn in the gridview?
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