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Totem Movie Player of Fedora Core 6 doesn't play DivX/XDiv movies

When I try to open a movie file with my Fedora Core 6's Totem player I get the error "You do not have a decoder installed to handle this file. You might need to install the necessary plugins".

I do not know where can I get these plugins and how should I install them on my Fedora Core 6 Linux PC.
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You need to install w32 codecs. Here is how you do it
Check out the great player called SMPlayer. Of course, it uses mplayer as the back-end and engine so it would play all codecs imaginable. Xvid is an open codec, normally contained in *.avi formats. For DivX which is proprietary, you have to install divx4linux. VLC player isn't bad either, but looks rather ugly.
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sanjooz: I have followed fedorasolved's instructions but it didn't work. I can't play Xvid files and there is one file, that I assume must be a Divx file, which I can hear but can't watch... Any additional idea? Did these instructions work in your case?.
aeto: after not having been able to play DivX/Xvid files with fedora's Totem Player by following sanjooz's instructions, I'm willing to try to install SMPlayer for playing Xvid files and divx4linux for playing DivX files. Do you know of a reliable source where I can download these players from?. I haven't found them on fedora's "Add/remove software" tool. Have you got installation instructions for these?.
Please, I need more help on this issue. See my last comments above. Thanks.
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Thank you aeto for this more-detailed explanation.