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How to add a new BIC?

Is it necessary to uninstall and reinstall Swift Alliance Gateway when adding a new BIC?
What are the steps in adding the BIC?
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What is a BIC ? Do you mean a NIC (network interface controller also called network adapter)?
"In order to identify Financial Institutions unambiguously, SWIFT developed the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). The BIC in particular enhances STP in cross-border financial messages. BIC was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO has appointed SWIFT as the registration authority for the assignment of BICs (ISO 9362) and for the publication of BICs in the BIC Directory." (

This question relates to a specific application software product that is not specific to the AIX operating system. There is no dedicated zone for SWIFT Alliance within

That's fine - I see.
I've been working with SWIFT some years ago -- when still at Commerzbank.

As far as I remember, there is no need to reinstall. There was some config
file(s) ... Maybe you should check with SWIFTAlliance support.
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Our situation was unique to SWIFT as not only do we run on AIX but we also have a considerable number of BICs.
We were advised by Swift support that due to our unique situation we were to uninstall the Swift Alliance Gateway software and then reinstall it.
The uninstall removed all previous BICs.
As such, during the re-install we were able to add the new BIC while we 're-added' the previous BICs.
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mblake4u was correct in terms of normally running a ./sag-install.
generally swift usually would accomodate 1 or 2 BICs at set up.
however, because of our large number - 14 [with the new BIC] - it was recommended that the uninstall and reinstall be done. All 13 had to be re-added and then the new BIC was added as well.

thanks all for recommendations.