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Outlook reply in large font

My Outlook 2007 worked fine and all of sudden, when I reply to a message, it replies with a large font as well as quote the original message in a large font too.
It looks  like I pressed something by mistake and I do not know how to fix it.

I have tried to go to Tools-->Options-->Mail Format Tab-->Stationery and Fonts-->Personal Stationery Tab--> and change "replaying and forwarding messages" option.

That help only that I was able to have my font and font color back to a normal size.
However, I still have the original message below under a large font size.

How could I fix it ? Also, if you do not know how to fix that, could you tell me how to reset all outlook options to default ones ?
That would probably clear that issue.

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that's what it could be, but I cannot find a way how to change that.
Is that the main menu optio or an option under a compose message window ?
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I found it, thanks.
Glad to help, marper!
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What was the solution.  There was a follow-up question with no answer.
requestech, marper posted the secondary question, then immediately posted that he found the solution.

If you have another question, you can post a new question, and experts will answer it.
A little late but here are the steps to the solution.
Create a new or reply to a message.
Click the Format Text tab,
To right, click the Zoom button,
Under the 'Zoom to' select 100%
Click OK when done.