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Some email is not being delivered to exchange server or outlook inbox

I use a service to scrub our email for virius and spam. today i found out that some email has not being delivered to either the server or the outlook client. i have exchange server set to logging and i can track messages, that is IF they arrive. what or where can i go to set up logging to review ALL that is being delivered to the exchange server??? I know my way around exchange, but this has me stumped.

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You'll have to setup logging at your firewall or through your anti-virus package depending on where it is being dropped.
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you missed the point of the question entirely. I am looking for what function feature in exchange SETS and then REVIEWS the incoming log file.
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Thanks S, (you have helped me in past along with i am sure millions LOL)

But yes logging is indeed on. and if I get the email in my inbox it shows up in the tracking center. it's what happens between my email service and my exchange server. that is what i would like to track. as for the stmp logs, can i just run the command "logfiles" or is there another/better way to do it.

thanks again for your "sage" insights, i ALWAYS learn something from you!

Message tracking will show all messages that Exchange gets hold of. That would tell you if something server side is blocking the messages.

SMTP logging is enabled on the SMTP virtual server in ESM. It is on the first tab. You then have to wait.

well then, i guess that i have a problem then. gonna have to speak to my email provider and take a look at their logs or something. cause i know based on what you say above that the email never got through. i will keep you posted.

waiting on logs from provider