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Anti virus issue on client machines not updating

Hi, I have an SBS 2003 network running Symantec Anti Virus and Mail Security. One of the client machines has become infected with some sort of mail virus and it is just trying to send emails out. One the client machine it says that the license has run out and that virus definitions are out of date. I checked on the server (I have attached a print screen) and it does say old definitions. I tried to update the definitions but it say that "Symantec was not able to update the defintion download and to verify that the computer is working properly". As an additional note, I noticed that it showed the IP address on the symantec console for the client machine as, but when I did IPCONFIG on the client machine it showed as
I am an absolute novice so any detailed instructions would be appreciated as the client machine cannot use outlook because of this issue. Thanks in advance.
How do I remove this virus or solve thisissue???
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First look on WINS server database for that computer. It seems you have a wrong record there for this machine, that has propagated to symantec console.

Just to get that system updated, I would download and run the "Intelligent Updater" executable from

The problem you are seeing is very common with Symantec products and the primary reason I switched away many years ago.

Once you have that system's DAT files updated, re-boot to Safe Mode and do a complete system scan.

You may have to get into running HiJackThis and doing a full-blown analysis - but we can hold off on that for now.

When do your Symantec license expire and will you entertain replacement suggestions?

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Theres is a long way to go before symantec license expires. I will try what you have suggested later on. However, I needed to do something immdediately and I put Symantec Endpoint on the client machine with the issue (as the organisation had open licensing) and that resolved the issue for that machine for now.  
Do you mean that you 'added' Endpoint, or that you removed the old version of SAV and 'replaced' it with Endpoint?
I have just added Endpont.
As a general rule, you cannot run two different AV applications at the same time.

You need to remove all AV, re-boot and then do a fresh install.
OK. I will do that. However, I will probably get some time to do that in a week or so. It's not going to create any serious issues in the meantime, is it?
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