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How do I identify the problem with mail delay from outside sources

I am having problems getting mail to a mail server from private companies and  Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, aol,  I can send messages internally and the sent messages will arrive at the public and private e-mail web sites, but when a reply is sent  the message is either never arrives or arrives a day late.  I have not been blacklisted by anyone, and I can ping the recipient mailboxes.  I checked some of the previous posts regarding configurations and I have checked to make sure that the SMTP Anonymous access box is checked.  

I know of no changes made on the server.

Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Run an external DNS report for your domain.  It's probably a mis-configuration.
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I am not clear on how to do this, can you please clarify.
I got this from the website:

CheckDNS.NET tests mail-servers
  Domain has only one mail-server  
  Checking mail server (PRI=10) []  
  Error connecting to mail server [] port 25 : timed out waiting for connection  
  Some of your MX do not work properly  

From what I have on record, their DNS addresses has been changed.

Let me see what I can find out from those that are hosting our DNS

Thanks for the quick reply.