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Network Connections only showing wireless card, not usual LAN option


I recently formatted my hardrive and installed XP Pro. After the setup I plugged in my network cable (internet) and nothing happend, the lights beside the cable are flashing. I opened network connections and all it showed was the wireless card. I disabled it, tried differant 'internet options' But it's as if the computer doesn't even see that there is a internet cable plugged into it. I"m totally lost at this point... any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Check in device manager (start, run, type devmgmt.msc <hit enter>)
Do you see any yellow ! or ? next to the network connections device?
If so - you require a driver reinstall/update.
Is the LAN Adapter showing up in Device Manager?
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In Device manager  under "OTHER DEVICES" is a tone of yellow ? marks....  they are : Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, PCI Modem, Video Controller, and Videoc otnroller (VGA Compatible).....   I guess I need to get the drivers...... how do I do that?
That explains it.
Post your motherboard model if you can - and someone can point you to suitable drivers.
Alternatively - download Everest Home Edition - and use it to update your drivers.
How do I download that if i can't connect to the internet? Can i burn it to CD and run it that way?  Is there a way to find out my type of motherboard without opening up the laptop?
Does this help??
ok. so i've downloaded a few drivers to my USB and put them onto the laptop. But how do I get them to install? There are all these sys files and DIN files and the read me file doesn't provide much information
I guess what i need to know is which drivers to download. I tried downloading a LAN driver but when i got to "update driver" in device list and select the file off the usb, it doesn't seem to work... so which drivers do i need? I did the BIOS update and i have the commom module (which the bios update told me i needed), but what for the ethernet controller?
You need to unzip the files that you download - then point the Driver Update wizard to them.
The chances are - you will need the appropriate chipset driver before LAN and sound will install.

Please post screendumps of the display in System Information \ System Summary \ Components \ Network \ Adapter and System Information \ System Summary \ Components \ Problem Devices
ya i can't find a driver for the ethernet controller though... sorry i'm a dummy with this stuff... I'll post the screen shots in a moment
Ok here is the rest of the info you asked for.
oops forgot the problem devices here you go
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! that did it....i think i was asking it to look for the driver in the wrong palce. Thanks again!!!!
Thank you.