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sum values and count numbers of rows syntax sql

I want to return a result which gives the  Total Value  stored in the field Invoice_Value grouped by The field Toplevel for a specific date range. I'd also like a row count for the result

Result would be

Toplevel   TotalValue  No of rows
A               2000          10
B                1000          30

this doesnt work!!!

SELECT     SUM(SLAContract_InvoiceValue) AS Value, SlaContract_TopLevel
FROM         tblSLAContract
WHERE     (SLAContract_InvoiceDate >= CONVERT(datetime, '2008/02/01 00:00:00', 120)) AND (SLAContract_InvoiceDate <= CONVERT(datetime,
                      '2008/02/29 00:00:00', 120))
GROUP BY SLAContract_InvoiceValue, SlaContract_TopLevel
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