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Deploying ActiveX controls via SMS

My company is in the process of locking down users computers and making them regular users instead of administrators of their machine.  We have had many problems to solve and so far so good but the latest is installing ActiveX controls.  Because they are just users they cannot install ActiveX controls.  I have a specific one that simply registers 2 dll's however if I extract and maually register them using regcvr32 it does not setup in IE and thus will still have to be installed via the webpage.  Because this manual approch does not seem to work I doubt building an msi package will work either (Installshield 12).  I am tempted to build one by repackaging it via Installsheild but was hoping for something a little more sophisticated especially since we will probably have to deply ActiveX controls on a semi regular basis.  Can anyone tell me a better way to install ActiveX controls to machines where the users are not administrators?  

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I did end up having to repackage the cab file into an msi which is not ideal but definitely doable.  As far as creating a GPO with the "run activex controls and plugins" policy, it will allow the control to run but not install.  At least that is the conclusion my group has come to since the users are not administrators of their machines.  Thanks for your help.