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Need .vbs script to format Excel data for export to SQL

Hello experts:  
I am totally new to vb script so solutions with explanatory comments would be greatly appreciated.  
I have an excel file with data that must be "massaged" before being exported to our SQL database every week during off duty hours.  My current proposed solution involves execution of a .bat file that
  runs a VBScript to format excel data and save it as a .txt file and then to bcp the data to sql each week at 6:00am.
I am looking for a .vbs file that will do (unattended) the following to an excel spreadsheet named c:\Reports\input.xls
      1) format column D to numeric 0.00000
      2) delete column A
      3) delete rows 1-15
      4) Save results as tab-delimited .txt file named c:\Reports\output.txt

I am aware that there is a more efficient way to get the data from excel to SQL  and will give extra  points for an end-to-end .vbs solution that allows me to export the data directly from excel to SQL using an OBDC connection.  
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William Elliott
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how does the data get into excel?
if the shee it always the same, then i coudl probably create a macro to massage the data then upload it to sql
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100 Extra points added
Excellent!! Both solutions worked for me  total points should be 225.  
No problem.  Thanks for the points and the grade.