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Is there a product out there that is an ADSL Moden and has a Gigabit switch?

I have searched but I can not find an ADSL Moden and has a Gigabit switch. I want to replace my old westell DSL modem and replace it with either a wireless gigabit router that will except an RJ11 or to find a Modem that has a gigabit switch that I will conect to a wireless gigabit router. Have any of you all seen such a thing?
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Looks like all DSL modems with integrated switches are just 10/100. Why not just get the dsl modem from linksys and get a gigabit switch?
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The modem will have to connect to the gigabit switch with a 10/100 ether net cord, which I am assuming will bring down the total speed of the network down to 10/100.  Correct?
That Draytek is really interesting but there really arent any reviews out there for it.
Well, it's a new product. They have just pushed it out on the market. I have the following but it is in Dutch :-(

For the time being I should wait for new firmwares to brought out. New products must have the time to prove itself. Draytek though has proven in the past it's good value for money.

Hope this will point you in the right direction.