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OWA Not Working From Outside

Hi Experts,
I just installed a SBS 2003, I can use OWA from the internal network but cannot get it to work from the outside. I am not using SSL for now (I want to get it to work without if 1st) I have port 80 forwarded to the server. I have checked this with wire shark and can see the packets getting to the server.

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OWA must be configured on SBS using the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection wizard. Doing so, by default will only enable SSL access from outside. Perhaps try that first with forwarding port 443 to the SBS, then if you want to reduce security for some reason, try modifying IIS though it is not recommended with SBS.
OWA will work from inside without SSL by default.
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Thank You RobWill .
You are correct it works with ssl. I will it gives me an error about the certificate. Do you know of any step by step setup to setup the certificate? Do I have to buy one or can I create my own.

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Rob Williams
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Great, Thank You for your help
Thanks DjJohnny.
Cheers !