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I need help in getting data from one table to another...

I have the following example for data within a table...

COL A = ID        COL B  = Group         COL C = Company ID           COL D = Company Name     COL E = Zip
1                        A                                5                                          Company A                              97401
2                        B                                5                                          Company A                              97401
3                        C                                5                                          Company A                              97401
4                        A                               8                                          Company B                               97401
5                        B                               8                                          Company B                               97401

What I need to do is create two tables so I can break up the information more efficiently.


Table company_link

COL A = ID    COL B  = Group   COL C = Company ID  
1                    A                         5
2                    B                         5
3                    C                         5
4                    A                        8
5                    B                        8

Table companies

COL A = Company ID   COL B = Company Name  COL C = Zip
5                                   Company A                       97401
8                                   Company B                       97401

I'm just not sure how to take the data from one table and do this using MySQL or Coldfusion.


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This is basically what you need:
Insert INTO `company_link`(ID,Group,`Company ID`) SELECT ID, `Group`, `Company ID` FROM MasterTable

Insert INTO `companies`(ID,`Company Name`,Zip) SELECT ID, `Company Name`, Zip FROM MasterTable

More info here:
What I understand that you are looking for a SELECT statement, if so then you are looking for the following:

Select * FROM company_link a, companies b WHERE a.company_id = b.company_id

the result should be your first table.
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Yes, you are correct. I needed the distinct part. Thank you!
Sorry Hielo!  I meant to distribute the points evenly.