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Strange Latency Issue

We have one main data center and two remote centers.  At random times, sometimes a month between occurrences, sometimes only days between, we start having latency issues.  The strange part is that the latency is only on connections to our 3 "Dialer Servers"  which are running Windows 2000 Server.  Each Server has 2 NICs, teamed, and plugged into a Cisco 6513 switch.  I've monitored the circuit, netflow on the routers, the 6513 switch ports, CPU usage on the Servers, network usage on the Servers, etc. and can't determine the cause of the delay.  When this delay occurs it normally lasts about 15-20 minutes.  During this time, a ping to any other device on the network shows normal latency, only to the 3 servers is the response time so high.  The two remote centers are connected to the main center over an MPLS cloud.  Normal response time is between 200-300ms.  When this occurs, that goes up to between 900-1300ms.  Since we're doing Voice, the delay causes major problems.  I guess there are really two major questions I have:

1)  Does anyone have any ideas on pinpointing the cause of this
2)  Would there be any PerfMon metrics I could use that might help

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Do you have Operations Manager/ Service Monitor?
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Not that I'm aware of.  Is that a download or commercial?

Thanks for your response,
have u checked ofr any specific process running at that particular time, also try doing a network sniffing to get the traffic from or to those servers.
that my help

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