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Flash effect, onmouse over and rollback smoothly

I have searched everywhere but probably using the incorrect search term...

I have creaated some movies, websites etc in Flash and never figured out how to rollback a button movie smoothly... i.e. when the user hover a menu button that might expand... when they move the mouse away the button does not retract smoothly it just snapps back...

This is probably so easy but I have never been able to figure it out.

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Thanks kishoregp,

I will give this a go.

So there is no way accomplishing this without manually inputting AS? I'm happy with doing that just curious.

Do I still have to create the mouse over video in the button or just add this AS to the frame?

Many thanks.
mouseover video?
can you send me a screen shot of your screen.. probably i assumed it wrong
No you got it right.

I have an image, which I would like to either increase or reduce in size when mouse over, this will then also act as a button with HTTP link to a website.

I guess this is what you script does?

But is there no way to accomplish this without AS?

then yes, my script works fine.. just give this on the button and add

if u give in anim, but there will be a jerk when the anim switches.
Thanks. Will try as soon as I can.

I should really read som AS but work really rarely with Flash.
Do I have to change any values in the script?

I drew up a blue box, turned it into a button then applied the ActionScript on the frame...

When I run the movie I get:
1087: Syntax error: extra characters found after the end of program.

are you wrkn on cs3?  this is an as/as2 code
great thanks.

newbie questionj, whats the tween class?
to help you on this - the tween class is one of the classes provided as part of the AS2 components set. It allows various tweening actions to occur - and to specify the start and end points of a tween, enabling you to programmatically tween an action over a number of frames or a period of time.