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SQL Query Not Behaving As Expected

I'm using an SQL Query inside of an access form list but it is not doing what I expected. What I want the query to do is select tblAccountsSent.File, tblAccountsSent.[Amount], and tblAccountsSent.[FileDateTime] where tblAccountsSent.File is not 0 and tblAccountsSent.SIN is equal to a textbox in the form. Then order them by tblAccountsSent.[FileDateTime].

However, when I run this a message box comes up with a text field in it prompting me to enter a parameter value for tblAccountsSent.[FileDateTime]. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
SELECT tblAccountsSent.File AS [File Number], IIf(tblAccountsSent.[Amount]=0,"Removed",Format(tblAccountsSent.[Amount])) AS [Total $], Format(tblAccountsSent.[FileDateTime],"d-mmm-yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM") AS [Date]
FROM tblAccountsSent
WHERE (((tblAccountsSent.File)<>0) AND ((tblAccountsSent.SIN)=[Forms]![frmSearchSIN]![txtSIN]))
ORDER BY tblAccountsSent.[FileDateTime];

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As angellll stated, you might not have a field by that name.  Also, make sure that, even though the query seems to indicate the fields come from a table, make sure it isn't a query that prompts for a piece of data.