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Vista headset mic not working unless pluged in the usb

Hello everyone.

Here goes.
My headset microphone is not working if i plug it in the 3.5 mm jack on Vista. Only works with USB. It is a Logitech gaming precision headset.

I know it can work on jacks cause i used that a few months ago, on the same pc. But i can't remember how i got it to work.

I've tryed every driver i could find and nothing seems to fix it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Make sure the Mic is turned on in sound properties

You can access playback and recording devices from the sound icon on the control panel or sometime the icon may appear in the system tray.  Let me know if you need more help locating the sound properties.

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The mic is turned on, i've browsed trough the properties numerous of times and i couldn't see anything.

I turned on the front panel, tryed with the mic boost, tryed moving the volume slider for the mic, nothing seems to work.
Funny thing is, everything is good when i plug it in usb, but i want it to work with jacks as it used to.
Logitech has excellent support personnel, give them a call,en or email them,en

I have had multiple occasions to call or email their support team and they are very responsive and willing to help.

Nothing to do with Logitech i think tho...

Cause the headset works like a charm... It definitly has something to do with Vista and the drivers/settings.

You are right it is a setting somewhere in Vista, but the Logitech people should know what setting it is and how to fix it...

Give them a try they are very good.

how do you connect via USB?
Do you have adaptor that you connect the jacks into that turn them into USB?
what program do you want to use the headset with?
Ive done all of that before.. Not working...
It just seems like pc is gettin no sound from the mic when pluged into the jack...
Just call Logitech support, they may have the answer for you... it's worth a try.

Logitech support is not worth trying... After numerous e-mails they don't even know what my problem is about. One time the guy even said something about a web cam. LOL
you still havent answered my first question ;
how do you connect via USB?
Do you have adaptor that you connect the jacks into that turn them into USB?
Yes i do...
The headset is supposed to be connected trough USB.

But i had it working on analog, and i want to do it again, but i can't after a fresh windows install.
He probaly has these,en they can be connected by USB to allow digital mic use

Please post system spacific hardware configuration.

Yes, theese are the ones i use.

MBO Asus M2N, nforce 430 (onboard sound)
CPU Amd Athlon 64 x2 4400+
4 X kingmax pc 6400, 1gb
GPU Radeon X1900 GT

All running on x64 Vista Ultimate

dunno what else you would like to know...
you always had x64 ultimate before format?
Have you tried them on another PC to make sure they are not bad?
but since the USB adaper works they cant be....
Does the headset have some switch on them to enable or disable jack use or USB use.
No the don't have that kind of switch...

And yes i have been using Vista x64 Ultimate before and it worked... Thus my trying to fix this... :-/
Are you using the mic jack in the back of the computer or the on in the front (if it has one)?  If you are using the one in the front open the computer and verify that it is properly connected to the MOBO.\

Also some sound cards have a multi function jack, this jack is usualy a combination of a Digital out and mic in.

Everything is connecter as it should be. I'm using the front jack, and that's the one i was using before.

I do hear the sound out of the earphones, but the mic jack isn't ''hearing'' me.
can you try it at the back of the PC.
Try going to sound devices in control panel ,click on audio tab make sure your sound card is listed on the recording devices and not as USB device.
Also tick the check box called use only preferred devices.
It is listed...

I don't want it to use only preferred devices cause i switch my headset off quite often.
Not that it would help tho, cause i've tryed that. Windows just does not hear my mic whatever i do... Except ofcourse when it's pluged in the USB.
Why don't you want to use the USB?  That should be a better quality digital connection.

eh... Because if i plug the USB out when in some application, the sound does not switch back to my speakers, and with analog it does. And second, i would like everything to work even if i do not use it. :-)

I'm goin to try and contact some one I know at logitech and see if he knows anything, but I need the MN and SN for your headset

Sorry forget the MN, but I need the P/N and S/N

Sure mate... I'll send it to ya as soon as i get home...

Thx for the effort.
OK, I may not need it after all, but go ahead and post it when you get home.

did you try it with the headset ot USB device unplugged?
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