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ESX 3.0.1 starter license using over 8GB of RAM

I have an ESX server 3.0.1 which has been running for months and it's using ESX Server Starter license, this license is supposed to limit memory to 8GB, I just installed more memory and I was planning to upgrade the license as well but I noticed all in virtual center all the memory is recognized, I allocated more memory to other VM's and was able to run at around 10 GB of memory without any problems.  Anyone know what's happening here, I thought the maximum that esx starter license would allow is 8 GB of host memory usage??  Is it that only 8GB max per host can be used??
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That's strange, when I look under the licensed features in Virtual center the ESX Starter Edition is selected and it describes the license as "Limited production-oriented features (local and NAS storage, up to 4 processors and 8 GB of memory)"
Elimination of the 8GB limit for Infrastructure Foundation. For users that have the VMware Infrastructure Foundation (formerly Starter), there's no longer an 8GB memory limit on an ESX host. With the Starter Package you were limited to 8GB of memory on the host regardless of the physical memory capacity of the server. Now you can address up to 256GB of memory on a host. Most servers today can only hold 128GB of memory.