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Roaming User Profiles and setting Screen Resolution to follow profile

I have a Windows 2003 domain controller and 5 Windows XP Pro systems that login to the domain controller.... The systems all support 1680x1050 screen resolution are set at that by default.... But we now have one user that has a hard time reading text at that resolution on the 24" LCD monitors and needs their resolution at 800x600 to read the screen.  How do I set up her roaming profile so that only her login user ID gets that resolution and all the others default to the 1680x1050?  I would like to set something up on the server for her ID in AD, but don't know where to start!
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Unfortunately the screen resolution is not part of what is stored in a user's roamin profile, it is stored in the device portion of the registry, so this setting cannot roam with them from station to station.

The best bet I think is that many of the video card manufacturers have utilities installed that let you setup profiles with certain settings in them.  This would at least in many cases allow for one click application of a new profile with different resolution settings.

Sorry not better news for you.
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Thanks, but one more question.... How do I set it so that only one user gets this part of the login script?
Actually I would just recommend installig the application.  This will provide a button near the clock that the user can use to set their resolution.  I'm not sure how you can automate the resolution change but you can make it easier for the user to change the resolution.

Thank you for your help.... I used the  link to the other partial solution then applied a login script to the user that needs the resolution change, and another script for the others that might use that PC.  And It works wonderfully!   Thank you again for your help
Can you give details of the login scripts that you used so others reading this in the future will have the added detail?

And thanks for the points,

For the user that needs the lower resolution I have these files:

In file lowres.vbs:
Set wshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("") "\\home-server-1\netlogon\multires\multires.exe /800,600,32,60"
set wshshell = nothing

File: lowres1.bat
@echo off

wscript %0\..\lowres.vbs

For the users that need the higher resolution I have:

File: highres.vbs
Set wshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("") "\\home-server-1\netlogon\multires\multires.exe /1024,768,32,60"
set wshshell = nothing

File: highres1.bat
@echo off

wscript %0\..\highres.vbs

These files are all in the NETLOGON directory on Win 2003 AD Domain

In the Users Profiles tab in Active Directory Users & Computers I have (depending on required resolution.)
\\home-server-1\netlogon\lowres1.bat or