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TSQL: bulk insert - extra white space issue

i have the following bulk insert sp.  It inserts record into a table from a txt file.  The txt file has each record on a separate line, meaning we have \r

However, in the table the first char of the first row has a value, but all of the following records who a blank in that position.  What could the issue be?
DECLARE @bulk_cmd varchar(1000)
SET @bulk_cmd = 'BULK INSERT
FROM ''' + @fname + ''' 

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Thanks, I downloaded a hex editor and opened the file but am having a difficult time deciphering what I am looking at.  I see that for the space it has the value 20, what does that mean?

Have not tried via DTS.
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20 is the ascii code for space, but that's not what you're interesting in. Try to find what is the Row terminator. So what comes right after a whole row (or just before the first column of each new row).

Just to see if the file can import, try importing it into a table via enterprise manager -> import data.