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How do i get rid of error message -smart ui-32bits gateway error - can't load smart utilities library (code 193)

I recently purchased a samsung clp300 color printer.  Installed the driver using the cd provided but received an error code.  The title of the dialog box is SMART UI 32-bits GATEWAY error.  The error message in the box is - can't load SMART UTILITIES library (code 193).  Called samsung tech support 2x.  Each time I was asked to download a different driver from their website.  After each download and installation attempt, I get the same error message but I am able to print a test page.  However, when I try to print a word or excel document, I get the same error.   Also, when I go to Control Panel - printers and faxes and right click on the samsung clp300 printer properties, a message appears that says the samsung clp300 printer driver is not installed.  

os is windows xp home.
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Dont know if this works:
Apparently you need this dll file... give it a try?

Hope it helps!
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Thank you.  I tried that earlier but it did not help.
Try lookin if you have this kb840987 update.
They were saying this could have caused the problem.

Not so sure if its advisable to remove this KB from your system.
I looked at the control panel for add/remove programs and checked updates - kb840987 is not one of them.  Do you know what is causing this problem?  I tried renaming the sys32 folder in this desktop and copying the sys32 folder from my laptop.  It still won't work.  the printer works fine on the laptop.  Thanks for your help
Thank you Darenceang for all your suggestions.  Unfortunately, none of them worked.  I will try repairing windows xp home.
Its ok...

So installing the driver on ur laptop works.. but not on ur desktop...
When u plug in ur printer to ur PC, u should see it in the Device Manager,
Try to see if "windows update" accidentially update the driver, cause sometimes, like my realtek lan card, it kinda updates itself when using Windows Update and it will not work..
I will then have to roll back the driver..;P
Checked if driver was updated, it was not.  So I proceeded with reinstalling windows xp home.  Printer works now.  Thank you for all your suggestions.  I guess I can close this problem but can't find the link to close it.  I hope they still award you some points for your helpfulness.  Thanks again.
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