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Can Word 2007 use Outlook Express address book

I have upgraded from Word 97 to  Word 2007 and when I now try to pull an address from the addressbook I have been using I get an error when I select a name:

"Word could not insert the address: One or more address fields are missing from the selected address book. Pick another address book or change your address layout and try again."

I have run across a few places on the web where some are saying that Word 2007 can ONLY use the contacts in Outlook 2007.

Can anyone confirm that or give me an idea as how to solve this. Hate to abandon this rather extensive address book.
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Since you are currently working in Outlook Express, you should be able to upgrade your Outlook Express to Outlook. I really think you will like Outlook 2007, once you get used to it. If you are using Outlook Express so that you have your Contacts and your Newsreader information in the same place, you may want to consider Newshound. I've been using it for nearly a year and don't miss OE at all.

Dawn Crosier
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Thanks. Actually the addressbook is  a hangon from the old Windows95 mail exchange that has beed reachable from Word 97. I don't think I can even locate the datafile these addresses are located. Looks like we will just have to recreate the book from scratch. We have a lot of it names, but not addresses, in  Outlook Express 6.

Thanks for confirmation.