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Windows boots to a black screen and mouse cursor

When I boot the machine it loads to a black screen with a working mouse pointer.  Ctrl Alt Del does not work.  I have tried booting into all versions of safe mode many times only to get the same results.  I have also tried last know good and nothing came from that step either.  I have a windows disc and would have no issue reformatting it but its a friends and he has his wedding photos on there.  My questions is can I get a bootable cd somewhere that will load USB drivers so I can use the copy command to move his pictures over to an external hard driver?  Only other avenue would be to get a IDE to USB adapter which at this point seems like it may be my best bet.

If anyone has any suggestions they will be much appreciated.
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Have you tried to RUN Explorer?

While in the Blank screen with mouse pointer - press <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<Esc> - this should bring up Task Manager.  Click "New Task" then type EXPLORE

If this works, then you should be able to gain enough control over the machine to repair it, or at least save the important files.
Sorry ... Type EXPLORER in the "Create New Task" window then click OK.
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That still wont bring anything up
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I have tried running the chkdsk and everything checked out.  I do have a copy of knoppix here at work.  I'll give that a try, never really thought about that.
one other option I can think of is fixmbr as far as fixing the issue, but knoppix will definitely work