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Browser in a Browser

I want to implement a few new browser features.

 I would like to write a browser that has all the features and is loaded inside a browser. For example you visit and then the browser is loaded inside the browser.

Example: (almost exactly what I am after)

The ultimate goal is for the browser in a browser to function as a normal browser, support JavaScript, flash etc, work with youtube, gmail etc

My problem is that I am unsure of the best way to proceed with the project. I had the following ideas

1. Use an iframe in a new window. The problem is anti iframe scripts can cause the IFRAME to breakout of the page the iframe is located in and will get redirected to the host site. e.g. will cause an iframe to breakout and redirect the browser window to

If an IFRAME has loaded an external domain site then I am unable to determine the iframe's current location (I need to obtain the URL'S visited in the browser)

I could write an AJAX enabled solution that would cache the files on my server and hence by pass iframe security issues but it would be a massive task (Parse and rewrite JavaScript code etc&)

The solution must
  * support JavaScript
  * resist IFRAME blocking scripts
  * would prefer that the HTML pages, CSS, JS scripts, Images etc are NOT cached on my server
  * require the ability to record in a database all the URL's that have been visited.
* Work with IE, Firebox and Safari

I could write multiple browsers plug-in or write my own Mozilla based browser but I like the portability and approach of a browser in a browser.

Does any one have any ideas how I can implement the solution?
Does anyone know of an AJAX library that has the control I need?
Possible PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA & solution?  
Know of any open source projects I can use?
Any ideas?
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Evan Cutler
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I am assuming you know how to work logins and access, so I am going to concentrate on the form.

From an solution.

You need 4 buttons, a textbox, a string array, a string variable, and a iframe.

The global array will be used to store your history.
The string variable will be used to store your home address.  (you can also use a cookie).
The buttons will navigate from one point in the array to another.
the textbox will display the address
and the iframe will display the page.

referencing this page will allow you to program the iframe.

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What you want can ONLY be done via your server or via a plugin

You do NOT have access to the iframe due to cross frames security

Palary IS a proxy browser.

Another example could be but they are also proxying...
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Writing my own proxy server sounds challenging, would it be possible to use squid proxy server?
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Michel Plungjan
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Is this possible using Adobe AIR?
Possibly... Did you see the demos?
It is a desktop app rather than a browser app though