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Searching across network namespace with multiple computers

I have a windows server 2003 server that has a namespace setup that includes folders from 2 servers and about 36 computers.  I do this mainly to consolidate where people need to look to find all the correct shared folders.

So then on the other windows XP computers that are using that namespace,  I map a network drive to that shared namespace.

Basically my question is,  is there a way to speed up the searches across this namespace? Is there a proper way to have this setup?  For example,  I'll go into the network drive and do a regular search through windows explorer, it has to search through nearly 4TB of data across about 40 computers.  

Does windows indexing service index a namespace network share?  and if it does,  should every computer index it?  or is there a way to have just the namespace server index everything and send it out to the other computers for faster searching.

Just wanting any ideas,  brainstorming
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