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Internal Routing between VLANs on HP Procurve Layer 3 "Routing" Switch

I'm new at this so I appologise if this is something basic that I've overlooked.
I've set up an HP 2626 switch with 2 port-based VLANs but I cannot get the internal routing to work correctly.
VLAN2 has only port 1 as "untagged" and 2-24 "Auto". The default VLAN1 has all ports "untagged" except for port 1 "Auto".
Switch IP =

A client connected in each VLAN has static IP and the appropriate switch/VLAN IP as the default gateway.
"VLAN2 Client" can only ping it's GW ( If I put a static route into "VLAN2 Client" (XP-Pro "route add mask") everything works fine. I can ping all the IP addresses that I have set up from both clients.

Why is this so? Shouldn't it's default GW ( be enough? I don't know that the "VLAN2 Client" supports 802.1Q or even if that should matter when putting the static route into the client works.

The "show ip route" command displays:
  Destination        Gateway         VLAN Type      Sub-Type   Metric     Dist.
  ------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- -----        reject               static               0          250       lo0                  connected            0          0     2    connected            0          0     DEFAULT_VLAN    1    connected            0          0

Running configuration:

; J4900B Configuration Editor; Created on release #H.10.50

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2626"
ip default-gateway
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 2-26
   ip address
   no untagged 1
vlan 2
   name ""
   untagged 1
   ip address
password manager

Any clues?
Thanks in advance!!
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Maybe this is more difficult than I thought?
I am putting your config onto a 2650 to see if I can re-create.
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Hi s-j-morgan,
Thanks for your effort and also clarifying that the switches default gateway is only for management. I actually hadn't had any problems with it yet but I'll definately need to add the static route you have suggested.
Your results were what I was expecting to get. I had just assumed that it was a problem with my config.
The laptop that I am using isn't new but has not had any problems and the other client is my desktop. I will try swapping the client's to see if the problem has something to do with the laptop.
I'm on long weekend but will let you know how it goes asap.
Thanks for you time!
I would suggest start from scratch with the switch - erase the config and put in exactly what your included in your original question again.
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Hi s-j-morgan,
I had tried hard resetting a few times before posting to no avail.
Anyway, after your confirmation that the config worked I have swapped the laptop for another and what do you know? - It worked without a hitch. Guess I should have tried different clients before posting but I was convinced that it was my config.
Thanks for your efforts.
Now I'm off to explore the wonderful world of DHCP relay!!