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Outputting error messages in a php page

Hi guys hope you can help.

I have a simple php page as follows....

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- testing.php
echo htmlspecialchars(shell_exec('dir c:\wamp\www'));

What this will output is a directory listing of the folder c:\wamp\www.

However, Id like to know if this command failed for any reason.

For example, if I changed the dummy folder name that doesnt exist on my system, eg.

C:\>dir c:\ps
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 74DC-C9FB

 Directory of c:\

File Not Found


But currently, if I placed c:\ps into my php page, and tested this out to check for errors,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- testing.php
echo htmlspecialchars(shell_exec('dir c:\ps'));

I just get a blank page and dont get any error messages on the page.

Any help on how to output any errors on the page would be most appreciated.
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