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The Labels can NOT printed out on Zebra Printer using AS400

The Labels can not be printed out on Zebra Printer.
(The status of Label spool file is HLD after directed the spool file to zebra printer.)
The name of Zebra printed on whhich it need to print is ZEBRA110xiIII printer.
Can anyone help me out to slove the problem.
Do you have any hint about the Device or Output Queue settings about Zebra Printer?
kindly do the needful.

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There might be more we need to know about the printer and how communication is set up between it and your "AS400", as well as something about the "AS400" itself such as the operating system version/release. But this page could be a good starting place for you:

The Zebra 110 XiIII is about a third of the way down the page.

The writeup that leads into the table should help with background.

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Hi Tom,
Can you suggest me if the Zebra code i wrote in As400 is correct...

I'll defer to anyone else who has knowledge of coding for Zebras. I have no way of verifying coding. Sorry.

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Hello priyam40,

The zebra spoolfiles are normally very smal, so the moment you connect or assign the file to the printer, it's probably send within a second. The reson that the printer is not printing is most likely one of the following reasons:
1- The spool maganism adds some extra to the file that is not accepted by the printer,
2- The escape character you send is translated the wrong way.

This is how to solve these two problems:
1. Don't print to the printer, but send it via FTP, I do it for all our Zebra printers and it works fast and reliable. To test this, just copy and paste the data from the spoolfile into a text document and send it from your PC with FTP to the printer.

2. The escape character you use is (according to the manual) the " ^ " character, this is the right one, however, the zebra printer is an ASCII device and the as/400 is creating EBCDIC data (also for spool files) depending on the code page of your as/400 the translation can be wrong. I had the same when I moved a in Europe created program to a US AS/400. Try to replace the " ^ " by the character " ¬ " see example.

Good luck
¬FO16,55¬CI0¬A0N,40,40¬FR¬FDSpecial product¬FS
¬FO16,150¬CI0¬A0N,50,40¬FR¬FDMy product description¬FS
¬FO16,220¬CI0¬A0N,25,25¬FR¬FDItem Number¬FS
¬FO250,440¬CI0¬A0N,25,25¬FR¬FDUse Before Date¬FS

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Hi priyam40,

Let's verify if all your setting on the AS/400 is done ok first. I dunno if it's still something necessary, but a while ago (we are using Zebra printer for many many years) we used to provide the last digits of the Ethernet Address in the configuration of the OUTQ. I always did and if it's not necessary anymore, it won't affect the printout.

So you must have the following parameters setted:
-RMTPRTQ : 'MPS_xxxxxx_TEXT' where xxxxxx = last 6 digits of your ethernet address
-CNNTYPE : *IP    
-INTNETADR : '   '  where xxx... is your IP address

Your device (if you decide to use one):
TYPE :  3812  
MODEL : 1    
FONT : 011

With these settings, I always had my Zebra ready to use...

For the Zebra code now...
-Have you tried to clean-up the printer buffer first ? --> '~JA'

So let's start with this ! Hope this help !!
Hi Hi priyam40,

I checked your bar1.txt file and I'm not sure it will work,
First you have to add some codes to initialize the printer and clear buffers,
You have to end with line  ^PQ1,1,1,Y to let the zebra printer print the data
and  ^XZ as and of file/label info
I also suppose that the SPACEA(3) will add some unwanted codes.
Forget the Printerfile stuff, go for a flatfile and if you need variable data,
make a kind of template that contains your own tags to replaced by data,
like <#1#> or <#ITEMNR#> or whatever, the exampel I posted here before
contained such data before I replaced it by fixed info see example

If you like I can give you an example how to replace the tags by data.  

Good Luck
^FO16,55^CI0^A0N,40,40^FR^FDSpecial product^FS
^FO16,220^CI0^A0N,25,25^FR^FDItem Number^FS
^FO250,440^CI0^A0N,25,25^FR^FDUse Before Date^FS

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Hi again,

Can you post us the contents of your spoolfile???

hi Murphey
please find the contents of spool file as seen

Hi priyam,

I'm affraid that this spool will never work because it's the wrong format, you can't put e.g. "DOC NUMBER" just on a place on the label at least you need to create a header: like this

The text "DOC NUMBER" must be posisioned like this


And then the command to print a label

or 5 labels

and close th label-data

Hi Murphy,
i just want to print the Barcode using Zebra Printer . Remaining fields as normal text.
im unbale to print the barcode. please find the output of the Zebra printer which i got.  
As the size of the labal is big it is printed on 2 Labels but the area marked should be printed as BARCODE which is not printing.
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Hi Priyam,

Yep the format is the way LewisPower mentioned,
where the BY and the B2 part (with parameters) can be used to define the bar type and bar size.

Just play around but remember a barcode must have atleast 4 mm blank space left and right to be sure it is readable without problems.

hi soory for incorect answer
Is this how to treat big help?

giving the points to someone that didn't give the right answer (rward) ?

Even LewisPower, who answered the "2nd subquestion" have more rights to get the points
But we will help you next time with the same effort we did on this question.

If it was unwanted to share the points like this, you can allways contact site support to undo it :)

Have a nice day.

hi murphey2
im sorry for giving the points to wrong person . i unknowinging did that. can you help me how
to refund back the points.

just contact daveslater,

I was wondering, is your label working by now ?