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Active Sync 0x85010014

Hi, I have a scenario where users randomly get the dreaded 0x85010014 on their Windows Mobile devices. The Exchange Version is 2003 std with active sync published through ISA 2004. The handheld OS is Windows mobile 6. Google is bursting with solutions for this and I have tried most of them ranging from changing the time out on ISA to making various registry changes in Exchange. This list is long but I have not managed to crack this. I csan see on the ISA logs that teh connection is made at the point where it times out and I never have issues with OWA which is also published through ISA.

I understand that the HTTPS keep alive packets lasts for 15 mins and I have heard that sometimes this can cause the GPRS connection to timeout depending on the mobile carrier. I spoke with them and they said change the phone to sync every 30 mins instead of using direct push. This also did not help so if anyone has any ideas of ever solved similar before I would love to hear your comments.
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Did you try to change from https:// to http:// ?
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