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HTML emails - text is always shown in italics

All HTML emails and text on Internet Explorer pages are being displayed in bold italic - what is controlling this? Fortunately the emails when received the other end are displayed in the correct format.
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could you attach a print screen? Your question it's not so clear for me.
Thank you.
ciao ciao
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I mean that all emails in Outlook on my computer are shown in bold italic even if the text hasn't been entered in that format. However, when sent emails reach the other end they are displayed in the required format. See attached BMP file for a screen shot - you will notice that the first sentence is in bold even though the bold button wasn't pressed. The same sentence in this email is shown in non-bold when viewed on the recipient's computer.
try to see if some format options are setted in Tools-->Options-->Mail Format-->Fonts...
There you'll find some options for fonts format in each kind of e-mail.
Hope it helps.
This isn't the cause of the problem. The fonts chosen here are non-bold ones. It appears to be some kind of display problem since the email received the other end looks like it should - i.e. without the bolds.
View-->Arrange By-->Current View-->Define Views-->Select the desired view-->Modify-->Other Settings...
Maybe this is the right place.
Hope it helps...
This doesn't appear to be the right place - thanks for your suggestion anyway.
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This sounds like something that will work - I haven't had a chance to try it yet.