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Oracle, Oracle Applications Server, 10g Release 2 (10.1.2), installed on Suse Linux

Operating system: SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (x86_64)
No error messages. Process hangs. We kill the process, report sends the second e-mail (which is the third person on the list) then hangs again. ....
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I understand that you are using Oracle Reports to send emails.
I also used this technology.

To be hohest I will say that finally I get to the conclussion to use
"Standalone Forms/Reports Server" on Windows 2000
and it works fine.

On Linux there are too much troubles ... sorry to say this.
I run AS 10gR2 on Red Hat 4 and it is fine.

What is the problem? What process hangs? What email are you talking about?

What module is causing problems? What is your architecture

Red Hat is not SLES-9
If you need the proven solution for Oracle Reports - the winning combination is Windows 2000 and Forms/Reports standalone server.

If you need Linux solution try Red Hat or Oracle Enterprise server 5 (download it from OTN, free) - it is Red Hat distribution.
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Thanks for the feedback. One of those inexplicable situations.

I think this thread is worth saving rather than DELETED because it could offer solution to someone else in the future.

I'm not sure if you can get your points reunded while still keeoing the case searchable, or you may be really generous and give the points anyway for enthusiasm to help :)