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Where is the GroupWise Archive registry location?

Where is the location of the GroupWise e-mail archive stored at in the registry?  I'm looking to automatically detect the path from a registry location and backup that folder to a network drive.
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You didn't bnother to speciy the VERSION of GroupWise, so I'll assume something recent (v6.5 or later).

I'm not sure its stored anywhere in the Winblows registry. I don't have a Winblows machine with GroupWise installed handy to check, but I think that's maintained in the local GroupWise client config (since GroupWise offers the option of the admin locking down the Archive location).

Generally, the Archive is stored in a subdirectory structure under the OFARC directory.
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Sorry, we're using GroupWise 7
I found a way to use VBA and the GroupWise API object to get the GroupWise Archive path and use it in a xcopy command to copy that folder to a shared drive.  I'll give more information when I get back to work next week.
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