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how do i get Data mining add-in to excel 2007?

i have excel 2007 , and i saw this link which explains about data-mining in excel 2007 via add-in.
does someone knows how can i get this add-in or what needed to do to install it?

this is the URL:
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Rory Archibald
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tnx Rory,
do you know how the DBA can give me access? do you know how to use this tool?
as its the first time i use it, and i'll be glad for some inputs about it - how to use and if its a good tool

I have no experience of it at all I'm afraid - we don't have SQL 2005 or Office 2007 at work.
ok.. anyone else maybe?
so, what's your question?

in the begginning you asked how to install. This is described in the section "how to install" of the page provided by rorya.

Then you asked how to use this tool. The same page says: "Visit the SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins Technologies page for links to video tutorials, webcasts and other resources to help you get started." Looks like exactly what you need.

As for "do you know how the DBA can give me access?" - why don't you ask him, chances are, he will know.
i  had problems with the stage after installation - it didnt appear in my excel. then i manage to solve it, via the excel options. and generally, i wanted help from someone that uses this tool to give me some insights in analyzing the data.

thats all
I think that this: "some insights in analyzing the data", is a bit too vague to answer, short of writing a tutorial. If you have a specific question, someone may be able to help, but otherwise it's a bit like me posting a question that says "how do I use Excel?" :)
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Vadim Rapp
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yes i saw this