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Motherboard Reset Switch/Power Switch/LED Extension Cable - 2-pin female to 2-pin female

Hi everyone,

I'm building a mini itx pc - EPIA EN series, custom case, pico psu.

I'm trying to find some Motherboard Reset Switch/Power Switch/LED  Extension Cable - 2-pin female to 2-pin female cables or am happy to make them (get the connectors and fit cables)

Similar to this item..

However with both ends being female.

Has anyone come across this type of item, i've tried Maplins.

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doesnt the case come with these connectors?
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I got case free. Unfortunately, the case has the pins(for LED and Power Switch) but no cables to connect back to the motherboard.

could get switch with cable;
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not sure if this is waht you need :
i just cut the wires, and solder the cable length in between
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