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Dell warranty repair advice

Dell warranty repair advice


I have a dell that I need repaired under warranty.

The issue that bothers me is that it came with XP Home which I changed to XP pro.

Although the problem is not software related, should I expect Dell to refuse to fix this because of the OS change?

I have never dealt with them before but my cynical side tells me that many companies try to wiggle out of their commitments using excuses.

With the computer hanging repeatedly, the last thing I want to do is have to reload XP home.
I am in the UK if that makes any difference
Advice please?

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What sort of problem are you having?
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It is an epic.
Fully detailed here

but in short it randomly hangs. I think it is a video problem (but not the card because I have changed that and it still occurs) because reecently I have started getting a "pnP4" error message on booting which is apparently a video error message.

One of the things that they are going to ask and it's pretty standard is Have you reloaded the system with the System Restore disks?  Just say yes and that didn't work.  Based on your previous posting you are running third party cards in your system?  I know you don't want to remove these in order to test what they are going to tell you is that you may have to remove them.  Do you think it's the motherboard or cpu?
What model of dell is this?
Its a dimension 4600. I have removed all the 3 rd party cards and replaced the supplied Nvidia. And also reloaded XP pro after a format c.

I am pretty sure it is a motherboard problem but who knows with this type of issue.
The next solution is to introduce it to mr Axe which who lives in the shed.

I have bought another dell so am not totally dependent on this but I want to get it fixed.
Since it's under warranty just call and say that you have a problem with the motherboard.
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Actually based on the vid cards I would consider using at least a 500w power supply.  You may not notice any visible damage to the board, it could be a chipset or resister, I would still call to replace.  Any chance you have the Gold Tech support package from Dell?
With the G450 cards you've been using 400 watts would be plenty ==> HOWEVER, with the newer cards you plan to buy (per your other new question) I'd agree that you should get at least a 500w PSU ... or even more [but not larger than 600w -- the efficiency suffers if you use too low a % of the capacity].
Thanks for all the info.

I have had a quick look at the motherboard but am going to buy a magnifying glass to get a better look.

This unit is not going to be used with multiple cards so I will get dell to try and sort the problem out. I am however hesitant to restore the original O/s as this computer keeps hanging. However this will obviously not be my problem if it hangs in the middle of an instalation. Dell can sort that one out as well.

The cards will be used on a Dimension 9200. It has a L375P-00 power supply rated at 375W which presumably I shold upgrade. Any suggestions as to what would be suitable for 3 X g450's as well as a a second fan I have put just on the cards?

I will let you know about the capacitor damage

The 9200 also uses a standard ATX power supply, so any ATX-12V PSU will work fine with it.   The last unit I suggested (the 550w Antec) would be a nice upgrade with plenty of power for the added cards.   (The Misco link isn't working right now -- but their entire site seems to be down ... I assume that will be resolved shortly)
I'm pretty sure Dell will have an issue with you doing the hardware diagnosing. You may find you have void any warranty.

Hope I am wrong.
Dell shouldn't have a problem with their customers troubleshooting the issues they have.  It's only when you modify something hardware specific that they get offended.  If you change the OS, they love telling you to change it back.  I have called Dell several times with a system already diagnosed without a problem.
I have replaced all hardware and am reloading xp home which should be interesting.

Will let you know what their response is
doc fields, my comments were in light of the patch227 statement "I have removed all the 3 rd party cards and replaced the supplied Nvidia"

That may be an issue with Dell, it all depends on how they view how damaged may have been caused.
Oh sorry n0de1, I thought you were making reference to the call in general.  We all know how wonderful tech support can be.

I have just not had a chance to get dell out but will probably be able to do it next week.

I have not forgotten about you guys


Thanks for the update Patch

you could have removed your hard drive & send the  laptop for service.
Thanks but thats noot how dell work.

I called Dell and they suggested removing the video card and running the monitor off the inboard video out. I have done this and run the computer for two weeks without it crashing. The next step is for them to replace the video card however I do not think that this is the solution. In the past the system has crashed despite there being a different video card in to the original one supplied by Dell.

I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for all the advice. Dell after using the on board video out I did not have any crashes for about a month. Dell then came out and they have replaced the motherboard and the video card (although I think that they are remanufactured units not new. So far no crashes so I am happy and think that the issue was related to power overloading due to multiple cards.

Dell actually subcontract their repairs out (at least in london) and the guy that came out made no comment about OS or non standard memory. He was just told by dell support to replace the motheroard and card

Thansk all for the helpp on this complex problem.
You're most welcome -- glad all's well now.