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OW/OU digraph - easy way of teaching 6 yr old the difference

Hi experts,

My son is learning to read and is doing well. However, he struggles to remember the spelling for words which use the digraphs OW and OU. So for example, he'll think owl is spelled oul and bounce is spelled bownce.

Any ideas (or good online articles) on how I can get him to learn the difference and apply the right digraph to the right word? There must be an easy way (without him just memorising each word which is counter-productive). I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions.
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at the bottom, here you find the U-u

here you find the W-w
the previous link, U and W are discussed on page 163
U is a vowel and W is not.............
look down the page just a little and you see a paragraph that is started with:
>>>> The digraph >>>> ow <<<< can also be a fooler. <<<<<
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Thanks for those links - whilst they are all useful in explaining ow/ou, they don't provide me with a rule that will help him remember which words have ow and which have ou. A rule like "i before e except after c" would be great.
I have found a rule that does this - except it doesn't cover exceptions. The rule is:

"Ou or Ow: Use ou in the middle of a word and use ow at the end of words other than those that end in n or d."

But this does not allow for exceptions such as owl, growl, towel, etc.
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