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Outlook's suggest names option when filing in the TO field of an email

Hi All,

When in Outlook, and composing a new message Outlook will suggest email addresses that you have sent to in the past.

With my version of 2003 outlook retains these address for an unlimited period of time. On another users machine, who reciently upgraded to 2007, Outlook only retains these addresses for 2 days.

Does anyone know how to make a change in Outlook 2007, so that it does not loose this information?
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Not sure about recent recipient lists, but you could just hit Ctrl+K to force Outlook to make a suggestion based on what you've already typed. Very handy when a surname begins with a distinctive sequence, but I guess not so useful when you're sending to a John Smith and there are a hundred Smiths in your organisation.
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I am not aware that there is a setting difference between the two versions that differ on how long the nk2 is retained under the user profile or that it purges the file over a period of time.  
I am only aware of one setting pertaining the auto complete in Outlook and that is to turn the feature on or off.  This setting looks identical under either version.  
Tools/options/preferences/Email options/advanced email options/  there is a check box for "Suggest names while completing To, Cc, and Bcc fields.  
Neither version show an option to delete after a certain period of time.
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