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weblogic dataserver with Spring

experts -
sorry -
I am new to java and actually due to some downsizing and restructure etc. I  have got an application which I have to enhance and maintain using java-spring-weblogic-hibernate.
I know some basics ofcourse - but want your help in understanding the high-level about the database connectivity.
I don't know spring at all.

Now - keeping this in mind - can you help me with some high-level questions.
I know the datasource is configured using weblogic console and I have the name of datasource.
I see a file called serverContext.xml with the following node:

 <bean id="dataSource"
        <property name="jndiName">
This application is java-swing application.

so somehow application reads this file and finds the JNDI name from weblogic for this datasource and connects to it. But how does it do it??  
I start the application just by calling a main program which invokes some inbuilt GUI libaries - but basically I am just focusing on datalayer part of it..

how does it work, how weblogic registers the JNDI for spring to look up?
some overall picture of it will be helpful.
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