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2005 Trans Replication - SPROC errors

I am trying to setup trans repl on two 2005 boxes - the issue that I am having is that apparently, some of the sprocs on the distributor reference tables and other objects that no longer exist - when I try to replicate them over they are not working and as a result repl is failing.  I do not have time right now to clean up all of the errors in the "broken" sprocs - is there something that can be changed in repl to bypass this - in getting the sprocs over, but not "validating" them, etc.?
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The problem is that the there are several hundred sprocs - several dozen refernce tables that just no longer exist ir where columns have been removed/renamed, etc.

I guess if there is no way around it - I will have to try and isolate them, etc.
Just move the table structure of the tables over if you have them....otherwise, you'll have to fix.  Sorry, I've ran into this many, many times.  it is no fun.
no fun indeed - I have everything sync'd between the two - but the sprocs in question are just old and are trying to hit cols that no longer exist - looks like brute force work, but will get it done - thanks