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Symantec Backup Exec 11d and Dell TL2000 LTO4

We recently purchased a new fileserver.

Dell PE2950
Dell MD1000 attached via PERC 6/E ...12 400GB 10K SAS drives
Dell TL2000 LTO4 attach via SAS 5/E

Running Symantec BE 11d.

Supposedly the LTO4 is capable of 432GB/Hr which is 7.2GB/Minute

I am only able to achieve 2 GB/Minute running a local backup and this
number drops to 500MB/Minute on remote backups over Gigabit Ethernet.

Has anyone had better luck with LTO4???

Backup Exec 11d SP2 Hotfixes up to 39
Remote agent version: 11.0.7170.32
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Does backup exec 12 have the ability to multiplex?     What is your prefered backup application?
Backup Exec 12 cannot multiplex.

Backup Exec is a good application - good value for money. The only downside being the lack of multiplexing and the small block sizes before BE12. That hampers performance.
So my preferred app would be Backup Exec, but I generally suggest something else if top tape performance is required. You just don't get that from Backup Exec.
With BE you could consider "Backup-to-Disk" for remote servers. It allows you to back up multiple servers in parallel (sort of simulating multiplexing). Afterwards you duplicate that B2D data to tape. That duplication will be "local" so it will be faster. (you'd get more like 2GB/min than 500MB/min)

I believe Computer Associates ArcServe does do multiplexing, but I don't know the latest versions very well. I gave up on it a good few years back..

After that you're looking at a higher prices for Symantec NetBackup, CommVault Galaxy, IBM TSM or EMC Networker which are truly enterprise level backup applications, but come with the associated price tag, are more complex and thus have a steeper learning curve.
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After additional testing, here are my result:

Test data:
Size: 992GB
Size on disk: 994GB
Contains: 554,422 Files, 35,835 Folders

This share has 21 top level folders.

I did upgrade to BE12 (Free under our maintainence )

Backing it up as one job was taking approx. 20 hours.  I think I tried every combination of block and buffer size.  Every time it would start off at approx. 4000 MB/min. Then about 400GB into the backup it would slow to a crawl and finish with an average of 980 MB/min.  20 hours to backup nearly 1 TB was unacceptable to me.

Next I divided the backup into to 3 jobs, each job containing 7 of the top level folders.  The total time to backup and verify was 6:38:26.  I am now a happy camper!!!

For some reason either BE12 is unable to handle a job with this many files.  Can anyone elaborate on the reason why.  I cannot be the only person backing up 2 or more TBs.

Thanks for the helphonmapog